Service (EMS)



"Kompaniya Telebalt” Ltd is a dynamic company that creates world-class product quality in electronics.

Building mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with global manufacturers of electronics Kompaniya Telebalt Ltd seeks to strengthen the authority of the enterprise and to maintain a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality products.

For Kompaniya Telebalt Ltd the quality management system and its underlying policies are an effective mechanism for achieving the goals and framework for continuous improvement of product quality.

In order to implement the principle of continuous improvement and improve the quality management system the management of Kompaniya Telebalt undertakes to involve all staff in the implementation of the main directions of this Policy:

• Establishing a corporate culture based on - the responsibility of each employee for the results of their own labor and the interest in achieving the common goals of the enterprise.

• Work closely with customers to provide timely information to improve production and business in general.

• Strengthen and develop scientific and technological potential of the company for a flexible and responsive approach in the field of product innovation and introduction of modern technologies.

• Increased production capacity and reduce production costs through more efficient use of resources.

• Management of the company as a regulated system, to evaluate and improve on an ongoing basis of business processes.