Service (EMS)


Telebalt Company Ltd. is focused on providing the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) on a contract basis. Telebalt is an acknowledged market leader in the Russian market (mainly in the area of TV set production). Telebalt factory was founded in 1999. Up to now, total output since factory launch, counts for more than 14 million units of TV sets, over 1 million DVD players and microwave ovens.


Kompaniya Telebalt Ltd. is a flexible, multi-operated production factory assembling consumer electronics on 10 production lines. Each of the line is multifunctional and can be reorganized to manufacture a wide range of consumer electronic goods. Nowadays the main field of work of the company is TV and microwave oven assembling, also the company has the experience in production of vacuum cleaners, music system and the other electronic goods on the same production lines.

The production capacity of the line assembling electronics (TV sets) and depending on production type is 1200-1300 units per one shift (one line) on average.

The factory can work 24 hours a day 6 days in a week. If needed the working schedule can be organized to all-year work without any violation of the Russian Federation law.

Additional facilities on the line.

All production lines are fully equipped with necessary technologic and technical facilities for quality control of produced goods.

The line has the following TV alignment stations:
INIT – initial test of TV working capacity after assembling, external examination, adjustment of TV characteristics;
PRECHECK – button control, channel availability, external examination;
BACK1 – check after the test running from TV back side: test of analog and digital signals DVB-C, DVB-T, DVBT-2;
ADC ADJUST – calibration of analog-to-digital converter (devices converting input analog signal in discrete code (digital signal);
WB – white balance adjustment: colour adjustment by means of colour analyzer ÑA-210. The working area has manipulator which provides the strict position of indicator of colour analyzer.
HVT – check of insulation resistance and loss current (high voltage test).
HI-FI – sound check. Lack of chatter and extraneous noise, it takes place in isolated room with noise level not more than 52dB.
POWER CHECK – capacity check
FRONT1 – quality check of LC panels for no broken pixel, lighting steadiness, takes place in a dark room;
BACK2 – final check: control of digital input and setting the pre-sale regime.

All the production stations have industrial computers ADVANTECH and programmed service remote control which is own-produced.

For checking the following equipments are used:
- High-voltage tester Instek JPI-745A or CHROMA 19032A;
- TV signals testing generator MIK, K-7256HDMI, K-7253S, K-8256;
- DVD player (HDMI) PHILIPS;
- Power meter Voltec, PM100, YOKOGAWA WT 230;
- Colour analyzer for LCD line Minolta, CA-210 with sensor PU-15.

Underneath the production line there are special transceivers (active label) which have the full data about TV sets on the line. They are used for automatization of working places and for accounting TV sets which are sent to repair zone. Also the transceiver connects with Traceability system for kitting account and verification, the system also does not let the output of incomplete and non-going through the high voltage test goods. Traceability system has the full data and can send it to supplier or service center.

There is a Clean room in the production workshop – it’s a separate room with blowing ventilation and system of air cleaning from dust as well as light adjustment and system of temperature keeping. In this place we make the examination and cleaning of glass TV panels.


Circuit board soldering area consists of:
- surface mounting section, circuit board microelements adjustment.
- insert output element section - big radio elements with metal conductive connector

PCB soldering area has 2 lines of surface mounting.

Line 1 «Fuji»:
- DEK HORIZON.01i Stensil Printer Machine – screen printing machine
- NXT Ultra High SPEED Pick&Place Machine – NXT extra-productive machine for installing surface mounting elements.

The stated by producer installing speed in ideal factory conditions is approximately 120 000 units/per hour. In real conditions the capacity is approximately 45 000-50 000 units/per hour which is proportionally with circuit board type from 700 till 9000 finished products per shift.

- MR-HF214 Convection Reflow System Hotflow 2/14 – convection soldering system for reflowing the solder and hotflowing the mastic
- SYMBION-S36Plus –system of automatic optical inspection for control of soldered printed board assemblies with widening 25 microns.

Line 2 «Genesis»:
- DEK HORIZON.03i Stensil Printer Machine – screen printing machine
- Genesis C-120Q – extra-productive SMD mounting machine. It has the same capacity as the line Fuji.
- Vitronics XPM2 – convective soldering system for reflowing the solder and hotflowing the mastic.
- SYMBION-S36 – system of automatic optical inspection for control of soldered printed board assemblies with widening 22 microns.

The general lines’ capacity is approximately 8500-9000 comp/hour which means according to the nomenclature of producing goods from 1500 to 4500 printed circuit boards per shift in average.

Section of hand-operated inserting, soldering and circuit board examination

In this section a hand mounting of output elements is carried out, this installation can’t be done in automatic regime (high power resister, dashpots, safety stop assembly, kinescope plug and socket, line loops, button stickers membranes, high moulding details, different plugs and sockets for external line loops, circuit board radiator etc. for CRT and LCD TVs.

After assembling there is a wave soldering, mounting and finishing (finishing soldering, cut of long outputs, check of exact setting up, check of nominal elements with specification, and repairing if needed) and also check of working ability on control testing jig, selection check of QCD, kitting and pass to the warehouse.

Circuit board assembling on this section is carried out on 4 continuous chain conveyors. Three of them are used for circuit board assembly, one line is reequipped and used for out of conveyer operation. The soldering of assembled circuit boards is in soldering machines with wave of melted solder (wave soldering).

There 2 machines for non-lead soldering (automatic device for high melting soldering SPF-300; automatic device for soldering AIS – 300RDF), and also 1 machine for lead soldering (automatic device for soldering AIS – 300RDF).

Finishing work and checking is on the ring line of closed type.

The capacity of hand-operated section, soldering and circuit board checking depends on nomenclature of goods and other characteristics. Nowadays there are approximately 11000-12000 ready semi-product in average to use on production lines for TV assembling.

Production complex of Kompaniya Telebalt Ltd has its own warehouse facilities with a total area of 20000 square meters, where 40 000 cubic metres of cargo can be kept at one time. The maximum volume of in-coming production kits is 45 vehicles per one shift. The maximum volume of out-coming finished goods is 20 vehicles per one shift.

Production complex of Kompaniya Telebalt Ltd is a modern factory, equipped with all necessary own utilities. The factory has a complete infrastructure for its operation: electricity supply in the range of 0.6-1 MW, own artesian well with drinking water, waste treatment facilities to ensure compliance with all hygienic and health standards, installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Kompaniya Telebalt Ltd. is the largest contract electronics producer in Russia and maintains its competitiveness and attractiveness to global brands by meeting all Russian and international standards. In 2011 the company has re-certification audit of Quality Management System (QMS) for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and the Russian national standard GOST R ISO 9001-2008, which was performed by auditors of the Company TUV Rheinland Group. In the same year the company has passed the 2nd compliance audit of environmental management system (EMS) to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

Also in 2011, independent experts Swiss company SGS conducted in the factory a survey of compliance with standards of labor, health and safety, environment, business organization and business ethics, and the annual Management Quality Audit - control of quality management which covers the entire production complex: industrial, mechanical and electrical processes, electrostatic protection, logistics, security and personnel staff.